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EFI PrintMe FAQs & Instructions

What do I need to use EFI™ PrintMe®?
You need three items to use PrintMe:
  1. Broadband Internet access. (128 kbps minimum).
  2. A printer.
  3. A PrintMe Station.
How much does EFI PrintMe cost?
Please contact our resellers or e-mail us at for pricing information.
How do I print using EFI PrintMe?
Using any Web browser, upload your file to You can print from any mobile device that can send e-mail, such as a BlackBerry™ or wireless PDA. Just forward an e-mail with the attachments to the PrintMe-enabled printer.
What do I need to install prior to printing with EFI PrintMe?
No, EFI PrintMe is a secure Internet-based application. You only need Internet connectivity or e-mail access to use it.
How can I print files from any application?
You do not actually use the “Print” function from your application. Use any Web browser to upload the file to You also can print by forwarding an e-mail with the attachments to the EFI PrintMe-enabled printer.
What file types does EFI PrintMe support?
EFI PrintMe currently supports the following file formats:
  • Adobe Reader/Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Bitmap Image (.bmp)
  • GIF Image (.gif)
  • HTML (.html, .htm, .mht)
  • JPG Image (.jpg)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps)
  • PostScript (.ps)
  • PICT Image(.pic, .pct)
  • PNG Image(.png)
  • TIFF Image (.tiff, .tif)
  • Text file (.txt)
How do I print e-mail attachments?
To e-mail and print a document directly to a PrintMe-enabled printer:
  1. Select the intended e-mail with the attachment that you wish to print.
  2. Click “Forward” in the e-mail message.
  3. Enter [PrintMeID#] in the “To” line (e.g., (Note: Please consult the local facility first to obtain the PrintMe ID)
What is Guest Printing?
The Guest Printing feature provides a Web page and assigns an e-mail address for a PrintMe-enabled printer, making the printer available to if you access to the Internet or e-mail. Guests, like you, can visit the customized Web page and upload a document or e-mail your important messages and attachments directly to the PrintMe-enabled printer.

PrintMe assigns a Document ID (DocID) to your print requests. A DocIDs allows you to retrieve your documents at the PrintMe-enabled printer.

Why am I asked to submit my contact information?
A valid e-mail address is required to identify, track and to provide you with a DocID for your print job. EFI PrintMe sends a confirmation of your print request to your email once your document has been submitted.

(NOTE: We respect your privacy. Your personal information is not be shared with anyone without your prior consent. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.)

What is a Document ID (Doc ID)?
A Document ID (Doc ID) is a unique number assigned to the document that you are printing on any PrintMe station.
How do I use Guest Printing?
It’s as easy as surfing the Internet.
  1. Go to and enter your information.
  2. Click “Browse” to select the document and click “Open” to upload.
  3. Click “PrintMe!”
  4. You will receive a reference number (DocID) once your document has been submitted.

If you are sending your document via email, simply forward your e-mail and the attachments to the [PrintMeID#] You will receive a return e-mail message with the DocID for your print request, than follow the steps below.

  1. Open the e-mail with the attachments you want to print.
  2. Forward the e-mail to: [PrintMeID#] e.g.
    (NOTE: You will need to consult the local facility to obtain the PrintMe ID.)
  3. You will receive an e-mail response with a reference number (DocID).
  4. At the PrintMe station, enter the DocID and follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your document.
Which printers work with EFI PrintMe?
PrintMe works with any PCL or Postscript® printer that has a USB, parallel port or network connection. The list below is only a partial list of printers that work with PrintMe.
View the PrintMe supported printers list.

Where can I find an EFI PrintMe-enabled printer?
With Auto-Discovery, automatically locates any nearby PrintMe-enabled printers and displays them on your Web browser. You also can search for a PrintMe-enabled printer by using the “Find More Printers” option.
How secure are my documents on EFI PrintMe?
PrintMe Networks makes every effort to protect your documents by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is a cryptosystem that creates a secure environment for the information being transferred between your Web browser and PrintMe. Documents sent to PrintMe are stored in an encrypted format and are encrypted even when sent to the PrintMe station for printing.
Which operating systems are compatible with EFI PrintMe?
PrintMe currently supports the following operating systems:
  • Windows® ME
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Mac® OS 9.x
  • Mac OS X
If I have more unanswered questions, how do I reach a PrintMe expert?
For further inquiries, please e-mail us at