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Annual EFI Worldwide Users' Conference
January 19-22, 2016

Connect 2015 was the largest conference ever and Connect 2016 will be even bigger and better with more classroom space, educational breakout sessions, industry-relevant keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. Take advantage of the personal aspects of this industry-leading user conference and learn from each other — as you blaze the trail for your business success in 2016!

Connect User Conference Flyer/Infographic
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Connect 2015 Videos

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Industry Experts
Chief Economist
"The future of print depends on the value it delivers."
"Waiting for the clouds to clear is not an option."
"If it's important to your clients, it should be important to you."
President and CEO
"3D printing democratizes craftsmanship; you no longer have to know how to make it. You can print it."
"There is never a good time to make a difficult decision."
"3D printing unlocks freedom of design and creation without the restrictions."
Chairman and CEO
"Things are changing, and we have to keep up. One of these are the ways we interact with customers."
"Printing is 600 years old, and man has been communicating on paper for 5,000 years. When 7 billion people communicate with paper for such a long time, it’s such a deep-rooted part of the culture. Commercial printing is going to be around for a very, very long time."
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing
“EFI Connect is the place for customers to explore the latest technology developments and learn how to fully utilize their existing EFI tools, in order to maximize and connect their people, processes and products."
Senior Vice President, General Manager of Productivity Software
"This is an exciting time for printing companies using our data-driven management tools to drive business growth, and I look forward to advancing EFI's offerings and helping even more customers around the globe take full advantage of the innovations we are developing."
CEO and Chairman
"Look at what the customer needs one year from now."
"Specifically to … the printing industry, my research … shows that the systems you are operating are one of the most vulnerable to attacks amongst all industries."
Chief Executive Officer
“EFI Connect not only allows our customers to network with each other and participate in classes and hands-on training opportunities, but it is a great opportunity for us to learn more about our customers’ businesses and incorporate their feedback. For us, there is no substitution to meeting in person with customer… learning what we need to do in order to make our customers more successful!”
President and CEO
"Smarts and hard work are the ante, and then perseverance and luck is what rings the cash register."
"The competitive landscape has changed, and it’s stayed the same at the same time."
"Make it easy to interact with the customer."
Chief Financial Officer
"Connecting your people, products and processes together is a must in today's business climate. EFI gives you the tools and knowledge to do all three."
President and CEO
"Print is the doorway to digital, and digital is the doorway to print."
"If you stand still in this industry, you are going to get run over."
"If you don't take care of the customer, you won't have longevity."

Venue and Hotel Accommodations

The Wynn, Las Vegas

 You can make your reservation when you register for Connect