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Job List Filtered Views


Filter View

Quickly locate the jobs you need by typing at the top of each column displayed in the Held, Printed or Archived queues and Job Log report. You can also filter by multiple columns at once.

Online Help

Online Help

Get access to an up-to-date help information system featuring advanced search, PDF downloads and multilingual support.

Integration with Fiery Dashboard


Register for the free Fiery Dashboard cloud-based service to receive a wide array of productivity metrics on your Fiery Driven™ printers in real time. Learn more about Fiery Dashboard and register.

Fiery Online Resources Web Page


Access a wealth of Fiery resources such as online training, how-to guides, expert help and the latest software downloads — straight from the Fiery Help menu.

Fiery ImageViewer 2.0 in Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition


Perform real-time color edits on a full resolution raster preview with a new user interface that previews page thumbnails, a magnifier tool to quickly see a zoomed section of the page and the ability to import third-party application curves.

Create New Job in Fiery JobMaster, Fiery Impose and Fiery Compose

Create New Job

Create a new job at the Fiery server without the need to open an existing job in the Held queue. The feature is useful when importing scanned pages, printing a tab-only job or bringing existing jobs together, starting from an empty job.

Multi-bank Tabs in Fiery JobMaster

multi-bank tabs

Tackle complex tab layouts to produce unique books and manuals with chapters and subchapters by using two tab styles in a single document. To check if your Fiery server supports this feature visit the Fiery JobMaster Web page.

Page Numbering in Fiery JobMaster

Page Numbering

Gain additional flexibility to define page numbers after reordering pages in a job.

Expanded Localization


Command WorkStation comes localized in four new languages: Russian, Turkish, Polish and Czech. If any of those languages are not installed at the Fiery server, Command WorkStation will prompt you to update your Fiery server to provide a fully localized Command WorkStation user interface.

* To check if your Fiery server supports Russian, Turkish, Polish and Czech language updates visit the technical release notes.