Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Fiery Color Profiler
Integrated colour management software to help you produce the right colour every time

Fiery® Color Profiler Suite includes expert-level tools that allow you to:

  • Create, edit and maintain colour profiles
  • Successfully match colour to a colour reference
  • Match output across multiple printers to achieve shop-wide consistency

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 Video: How to create a custom output profile  Video: Best practices for matching industry standards  Video: Color Profiler Suite Product Overview  Video: High GCR Profiles with Color Profiler Suite
Create a custom
output profile with
Express Profiler
Best practices for
matching industry standards
Color Profiler Suite
product overview
High GCR profiles with
Color Profiler Suite
Tonality Color Demystified Video
Fiery Color Flowchart
Tonality and Colour
Fiery Colour Flowchart 2016    

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