Fiery Variable Data Printing Solutions

VDP postcard
Get the power of personalisation.
Fiery® technology delivers powerful, industry-leading variable data capabilities that easily fit into any workflow. 

Whether you're a VDP novice or veteran, the flexibility and scalability of Fiery VDP technology allows you to easily produce customised marketing campaigns that expand your portfolio and revenue stream.

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Fiery Samples/How-to Guides
The production of personalised postcards with Fiery servers is as easy as producing static ones. The how-to guide showcases Fiery Impose to produce effective one-to-one communications.
Utilise Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing. Master element data for a VDP job is sent to the Fiery and rasterised separately from variable element data in order to achieve engine rated speeds.
Produce impactful one-to-one booklets to promote products and services by personalising them with customer contact information and products offerings related to their personal preference. The how-to guide showcases PPML format support and Fiery Impose.