EFI Cretaplotter

The most reliable inkjet plotter for ceramics

The EFI™ Cretaplotter is an injection plotter for preparing samples, developing ceramic designs and the manufacturing of special pieces.  View Image Gallery

Mechanism and ink system

  • Anti-vibration system, thanks to its robust industrial table
  • System of high precision linear axes that allow high quality printing; the movement of the print heads on the X-Y-Z axes has a maximum error of +/-0.02 mm, which prevents white lines or overlapping between passes
  • Easy access to all the components, both the inks system and the print heads
  • Reliable inks system with a minimum required ink volume of just 300 ml; it also incorporates the option of increasing the ink volume in the system with external reservoirs (up to 8 l.) to satisfy high ink consumption or cases where the color is NOT continually changed
  • Easy changing of ink


  • Easy and intuitive; change of models is very simple
  • The parameters of the model in process can be edited without stopping the printing; it is not necessary to use the Stop-Start process to begin printing the model with the changes
  • Allows movements in manual mode to the required area in order to perform controlled cleaning operations, maintenance tasks or assistance in the printing system

Printing of special pieces

  • Incorporates a conveyor belt, which allows you to minimize the investment for the printing of special pieces
  • Offers the same performance features as Cretaprinter or Cretacompact
  • The only inkjet plotter that allows you to use two printing systems: normal and with conveyor belt.

Multiple printing modes

  • With conveyor belt: The whole design can be printed in a single pass, making it the fastest plotter on the market
  • Multiple passes: You can decide on the number of passes for printing - one, two or four passes - ensuring the total elimination of streaks in the print for optimum results
  • Simulation: The “Simulation” print mode allows you to check if the machine is properly calibrated, and to measure consumption with great precision

Printing options in Single Pass with conveyor belt

  • Normal: Prints the same section of the design, either part or the whole design, on each piece
  • Incremental: Prints various sections of the same design, calculated incrementally with regard to the position of the previous section
  • Random: Different sections of the same design are printed at random; minimum distances can be defined between sections to avoid very similar pieces
  • Grid: The design is divided into sections based on a grid of the image in rows and columns, so that each piece is printed with one of the grid areas, printing the whole design like a mosaic
  • Manual: We manually specify the sections of each design that we wish to print; for each design, a series of coordinates is indicated in relation to the starting point of the section, up to a maximum of 100 coordinates
  • Cretavision: System of relief recognition works in a similar way to the Manual mode, except that the sections that are indicated as associated with the artificial vision system and the identification of the different reliefs of the pieces

Print with multiple passes

Cretaplotter can print in one, two or four passes. Regardless of the number of passes, the quantity of ink used does not vary. In other words, the number of passes has no bearing on the quantity of ink injected and, consequently, on the print intensity:

  • One pass: each line is printed with a single nozzle at a high printing speed
  • Two passes: each line can be printed with two different nozzles; if one of the nozzles is blocked it will be less noticeable, because half of the line will be printed (the half that is printed by the unblocked nozzle)
  • Four passes: each line can be printed with four different nozzles; if one nozzle is blocked, three-quarters of the line will be printed, so that the streaks and banding will be practically unnoticeable

Disable nozzles and print without streaks

Cretaplotter allows nozzles to be disabled for better printing quality:

  • A simple test allows you to detect which nozzles can be disabled
  • Once detected, select one or more nozzles and disable them, and print in more than one pass
  • The software will automatically detect that a line needs to be printed with one active nozzle and another disabled one, and it will print the whole line with the active nozzle
  • With a few simple actions, we can ensure printing without streaks to obtain spectacular results