Fiery proServer for Cretaprint

The best color quality and predictability with the lowest ink consumption

EFI™ Fiery® proServer for Cretaprint is the first complete color management system for ceramic tile decoration.


When used with the Cretaprint digital ceramic printers, Fiery proServer produces the most accurate and consistent color quality for ceramic tile decoration and lowers your ink consumption, regardless of the production conditions. And with Fiery ColorWise® technology, you can even see an accurate prediction of final color on screen or inkjet proof without the need to wait for your final production equipment to produce a prototype.

  • Cut production cost and production time by automating special-effect channel creation for digital glaze tile decoration
  • Get vivid and realistic tile designs by extending the color gamut on dark glazes by creating a dynamic white channel while using minimal amount of white ink and color ink

The Fiery ColorWise ® technology offers superior color ceramic decoration, the best result from the original design, regardless of the printing conditions, location, ink used, enamel oven temperature.

Fiery proServer ColorWise - ICC Technology dull               Fiery proServer ColorWise - proServer vibrant
Created with traditional ICC technology.
Colors are dull with visible loss of detail.
Created with Fiery proServer.
Colors are vibrant and rich in detail.


Fiery proServer ensures the perfect combination of inks to get you lower consumption possible with superior color result. Depending on the print image, you can easily save 10% or more ink without any loss of quality.

95% - Ink coverage using ICC
70% - Ink coverage using proServer

 EFI Fiery proServer - Reduced Ink Usage
Compared to traditional methods, the
Fiery proServer saved 25% of the ink
used on this tile design.


Quickly design and develop tile decoration, completely independent of production equipment. Easily edit designs in Adobe Photoshop, and accurately predict final color — on screen and using an inkjet paper proof — without special plugins or multi-color editing skills.

Fiery proServer Tile Design

Produce consistent, high-quality color tiles at different print locations, and under varying production conditions, including glaze, ink, print resolution and kiln temperature.

Fiery proServer Consistent Color