EFI Jetrion 4900ML

The leanest way to produce labels

The EFI™ Jetrion® 4900ML enables you to efficiently go from a print file directly to a finished roll without interruption.

EFI Jetrion 4900ML
  • Four colours (CMYK) plus white
  • Proven design and a robust flexo-style web with an industrial grade transport and platform
  • Continuous job queue for printing stacked jobs, reducing wasted materials or manpower between jobs or finished rolls
  • Full-feature finishing, such as die cutting, slitting, back scoring, enabling standard industry finished rolls at output end, so you can work faster, avoid outsourcing or eliminate working on multiple devices
  • Inline and offline modes for special jobs that may not be ideally printed and cut in-line due to speed or quality constraints
  • Bright and opaque white printing capabilities that rival flexo presses in one single pass with the process colours
  • UL PGJI2 recognition and pre-certification on a variety of substrates, saving you money and time
  • Powerful and integrated EFI Fiery® XF RIP, which accelerates your production, unifies the handling of your printing devices, and delivers the high-quality output and colour that your customers expect
  • Flexibility to add additional features to ensure continued growth in-line with and alongside your business demands