SuperFlex your business with LED roll-to-roll printing

High image quality, LED and SuperFlex UV Ink make the EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250LXr Pro printer ideal for the production of fleet graphics and much more.

LED roll-to-roll printing uncompromised.
EFI Fiery proServer SE 6.3 Brochure
SuperFlex your business with LED roll-to-roll printing.
Case Studies
Since Printix, based in Mechelen, Belgium, invested in an EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250lxr Pro Roll-to-Roll LED Printer, all orders have been fl ying out the door—from photoquality prints and textiles to vehicle-wraps.
When Voigt Promotion installed the fi rst EFI™ VUTEk® GS5500LXr Pro system with UltraDrop™ technology in Poland, the company also purchased the VUTEk GS3250LX Pro hybrid, also with UltraDrop Technology
The Case for LED Curing
This white paper will guide you through the latest inkjet curing technology, define new standards for print quality and productivity, and point out high-level factors that can immediately impact your total cost of ownership and bottom line.