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Metrics Printware Release Information

Production Version 23.003.012

The Metrics System is in a constant process of adaptation to support your company to be even more competitive and profitable. A new version is monthly available to our customers, with improvements and new features in the modules.

The next version of the Metrics System will be release on March 30th and will contain new integrations between modules, improvements at EFI iQuote, the financial module now has a new implementation of the bank statement import. At CRM and Purchasing modules was implemented a new functionality for supplier evaluation and the Stock module had inventory improvements. The main benefits are:

  • More efficient production process
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased agility in internal processes
  • Significant reduction of human error

To download the new version of the system please use the link with the FTP login and password provided by EFI.

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Process Management Solutions

Designed specifically for the printing and packaging industry, Metrics Printware is prepared to attend the specific needs and particularities of this type of business. More Automation, Integration, Control and Information to support fast and accurate decisions.

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Professional Services

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EFI™ MIS/ERP Professional Services increases clients’ return on their investment in EFI Print Management and Web-to-Print technology. Our extensive experience applying EFI MIS/ERP and Web-to-Print/eCommerce technologies in diverse environments allows us to bring unique insight into achieving companies’ specific goals. Contact us to discuss our options for training, implementation, application consulting and technical services.

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