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EFI Pace
Leading Browser-based Print MIS

EFI Pace™ provides you with the best opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your profit potential. It is globally optimized encompassing your entire organization’s acquisition, business and production workflow, giving you full control of your information and high visibility into both general commercial print and superwide format operations. View Image Gallery


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EFI Pace Overview    
Pace Overview    

EFI Pace is an experienced and proven Management Information System (MIS) exclusively designed for the print industry. It provides integrations, customizations and flexible options that allow organizations like yours an end-to-end approach to process improvement.

  • End-to-end Workflow integration
  • JDF certification and powerful API functionality
  • Tools to effectively manage key operational processes like estimating, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, planning, shop floor data collection, job costing, receivables, payables, accounting, reporting and analysis
  • Powerful and intuitive browser based interface
  • Flexible and scalable modular architecture
  • Pre-configured server (Pace Appliance) for plug-and-play installation

  • Increases operational efficiencies and maximizes profits through process automation
  • Reduces touch points and cuts costs by streamlining operations
  • Offers system scalability that allows for solution to grow as business requirements change and evolve
  • Provides easy and fast access to information needed to win more business anytime anywhere
  • Allows for flexible customization options that adapts to specific business needs
  • Offers an intuitive interface making it an easy to learn solution for employees to be productive in a very short time

With the EFI Pace MIS suite you can easily integrate to EFI’s best-in-class solutions and streamline communications with compliant prepress, printing and finishing equipment. EFI Pace offers advance integration to EFI leading solutions in marketingeCommerce, shipping, warehouse & fulfillment management, and planning and imposition. As information flows more freely, processes become automated and your company benefits from increased operational efficiency.

EFI Pace MIS solution offers a modular architecture, which translates into the ability to configure the system to meet your organization’s current and specific needs. It provides the flexibility to grow the solution as your business requirement change and evolve, easily adapting and without interrupting your business operations.

Keeping your business and customer information secure is a must! EFI Pace provides a robust security model, enabling you to manage and control access rights and permissions to any and every single portion of your MIS system. Based on roles and responsibilities, you can assign your users a unique ID and password that will determine and control their rights and permissions to access business and customer information.

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