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Comprehensive portfolio
The EFI Productivity Suite is a comprehensive portfolio for print and packaging, leveraging EFI’s significant investments to date and ongoing development.

Certified Workflows
The EFI Productivity Suite is managed as a modular Suite of products and components, delivering certified end-to-end workflows out-of-the-box.

The EFI Productivity Suite represents a continued commitment to quality, industry standards, principles and tactical methods based on the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO)… a Lean business strategy developed for the printing and packaging industry.

The EFI Productivity Suite provides your business with the foundation tools you need today, enabling a gradual evolution towards an end-to-end, Best-of-Suite solution set… a scalable platform for sustained, future-proof growth.
New Revenue Generation
A primary focus of the Productivity Suite is the generation of new revenue from both existing and new clients. This focus is realized with everything from online catalogs to improved communication and relationship management, to high-response cross media campaigns and in-house fulfillment capabilities.

EFI DirectSmile Cross Media
You’ve invested a lot of money in equipment and people on your shop floor. The Productivity Suite is designed to maximize these resources by improving overall visibility, workflow efficiencies, operational timing, tracking, reporting and analysis.

EFI Radius | EFI SMartLinc Shipping | Fiery Variable Data Printing Solutions | Fiery Color Management
Efficiency & Profitability
Another primary focus of the Productivity Suite is the delivery of suite components and integrations to provide efficiencies throughout your operation – efficiencies that reduce touches, improve accuracy, automate complex operations, and deliver repeatable, profitable results.

EFI PrintFlow | EFI Business Intelligence Software
Pre-press Integration Pre-press Integration
Preparing content for the shop floor demands efficiency and accuracy to maximize capacity utilization and reduce costs. The Productivity Suite provides smart software and certified integrations to streamline pre-production.

Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition

What’s Different?

Industry-focused Business Strategy

The EFI Productivity Suite is built on the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO) – a Lean business strategy developed for the printing and packaging industry. The Suite takes the global component of TGO to new levels, delivering out-of-the-box workflows that provide rapid ROI to meet your immediate needs while scaling for growth and new revenue opportunities.

What’s the Value?

Revenue Generation

The EFI Productivity Suite includes integrated, automated tools designed to help you grow revenue through expanded offerings and increased differentiation.

End-to-End Workflow Automation

Your ability to maximize profitability is greatly impacted by your ability to integrate and automate your entire workflows. The EFI Productivity Suite provides certified out-of-the-box functionality and flexibility that focuses on end-to-end automation, supporting the highest level of efficiency and cost optimization.

Proactive Management

The EFI Productivity Suite leverages business-wide analysis tools to support informed, proactive decision making.

Evolves with your Business

Your business is constantly changing! The EFI Productivity Suite is designed to let you enter where your pain points are today, with the power and flexibility to scale as your business evolves. It’s smart software ready to help you capture moments of opportunity.

Innovative, Proven Partner

The EFI Productivity Suite is backed by the industry leader in innovative software designed to take your business to the next level of performance and profitability. With EFI, you gain a financially strong, industry-deep partner committed to investment in your future.
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