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Auto-Count automatically collects accurate, up-to-the minute production data including counts, press status, speed and other critical information directly from your equipment. View Image Gallery


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  • Easy-to-use and leverage solution: Auto-Count offers a familiar Windows interface that lets the user focus on improving business performance
  • Compatibility and integration: Auto-Count works seamlessly with other EFI Print MIS solutions to maximize the value of equipment, improve productivity/throughput, reduce waste, provide a higher level of visibility, and support more informed equipment and staff decisions
  • Automated and consistent counting capability: Auto-Count’s sophisticated technology offers your staff more autonomy and control by producing the same count across all forms, eliminating overruns and underruns. Automated/detailed pallet tags also help your team to track jobs better as they moves through your shop
  • Extends your CIM/JDF integration initiative as Auto-Count provides integration for older, non-JDF enabled equipment
  • Advanced paper management capabilities
    • For all equipment, Auto-Count provides improved counts and better tracking of waste. This leads to improved paper tracking and reductions in overage waste
    • For equipment with web stock, Auto-Count Paper Monitor provides advanced roll-stock management, providing better roll-stock tracking and validation of mill information

Auto-Count 3000 tracks signature counts with unparalleled accuracy utilizing a patented “weigh-the-waste” process, incorporating press and scale sensors to provide the most accurate counts available.

  • Software for multiple delivery machinery and scales that supports simultaneous production of multiple products
  • Offers patented “weigh the waste” technology that weighs the waste and adjust “good” counts on the fly
  • Excellent solution for web presses and complex jobs where we have multiple signatures

Auto-Count 1000 is a premier counting and control system for high-speed production equipment, delivering precision counting technology to every piece of equipment in the pressroom and bindery.

  • For sheetfed, bindery and finishing and some small webs including roll-to-roll webs
  • Can use sensors on the press or finishing equipment or we can add sensors and buttons to trigger “good” counts
  • Sheet and Flexo presses, inkjet, cutters, folders, stitchers, perfect binders, more…
  • Customizable UI for different machine types
  • Generates pallet tickets

Auto-Count Paper Monitor provides real-time visibility for all roll stands with a detailed log of consumption and yield. Paper Monitor uses the data gathered from sensors on your roll stands, the data provided by your management system via Auto-Count and the data entered by the roll tenders to analyze and report on yield and consumption.

  • Tracks roll stock consumption, stripping and core waste in real-time
  • Tracks “yield” of each roll to monitor and displays discrepancies between stated basis weight from mil and actual yield
  • Updates inventory in real-time
  • Eliminates the need for manual roll usage by tenders

Auto-Count non-DMI is designed to bring Auto-Count capabilities to production equipment where using sensors is not possible including flatbed cutters, drills, punches and manual operations.

  • For collecting information from manual operations or equipment without a cycle or measurement point
  • Uses interface to Auto-Count 3000 and 1000

EFI Auto-Count’s Plant Manager consolidates information from all monitored devices into user-defined desktops. Managers gain a real-time snapshot of current activity and a detailed history of operation.

  • Closes the gap between production and management, providing real-time information to support critical business decisions
  • Consolidates information from all monitored equipment including sheet and web offset, digital presses, and finishing equipment
  • Highlights work centers that require additional attention
  • Integrates seamlessly with the EFI Monarch and EFI Pace management systems
  • Boosts crew and management performance with immediate feedback on production, including an analysis of performance against objectives and history

The Auto-Count PlantView module provides a consolidated, real-time view of the status of up to six devices on a single large-format monitor. With PlantView, managers and production teams can see, at a glance, what equipment is active, what jobs are running, where we are in the run, and how we are performing against expectations.

The Auto-Count Performance Dashboard provides distance viewing of job progress, giving your team real-time visibility into the status of the current run.

The dashboard uses graphical elements and color indicators to keep your entire team engaged in the production process, providing key production metrics without requiring them to review information on the Auto-Count desktop monitor.

Auto-Count integrates with your EFI Print Management Information Solution (Print MIS) to improve productivity by allowing operators to download run specifications right at your press console. This capability reduces manual data entry and increases production accuracy. Auto-Count updates your management system with production counts and activity – putting the information that you need on your desktop in real time. Your managers, CSRs, schedulers and sales staff can check job status and respond to production events faster than ever before.

Auto-Count also integrates with your EFI PrintFlow® Dynamic Scheduling solution by delivering the run lists to the machine operators and updating PrintFlow in real-time as the jobs are produced and completed.

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