Wireless Subnets

PrintMe Mobile Wireless Subnets
PrintMe Mobile will no longer be offered for sale as of March 31, 2016. EFI will continue supporting PrintMe Mobile until December 31, 2020 for customers with active Software Maintenance and Support Agreements.
Please see this announcement for all end-of-life details.

  • Overview

PrintMe® Mobile offers two ways to manage multiple wireless subnets. When PrintMe Mobile Link or the L100 appliance is placed on a wireless subnet and used in conjunction with PrintMe Mobile software, available printers are broadcasted to mobile devices on that wireless subnet, allowing them to print to any networked printer. Both products can be configured to display only printers local to that subnet.

Read the network configuration technical guide for WiFi printing.

View a typical PrintMe Mobile L100 installation.

PrintMe Mobile Link

PrintMe Mobile L100

PrintMe Mobile Link

Download PrintMe Mobile Link for free if you have multiple subnets and want WiFi printing

PrintMe Mobile L100
The L100 is no longer available for purchase.


Software only

Hardware and software


Runs on a customer PC or virtual machine

Linux-based appliance with pre-loaded PrintMe Mobile Link software


Free with purchase of PrintMe Mobile

The L100 is no longer available for purchase.

Connects wireless subnet inside firewall



Connects wireless subnet outside firewall


Securely over HTTPS


Use PrintMe Mobile administrative dashboard

Use PrintMe Mobile administrative dashboard


PrintMe Mobile Installation Guide

PrintMe Mobile L100 Datasheet

PrintMe Mobile L100 Quick Start Guide