Download the latest PANTONE libraries

EFI™ and PANTONE® have established a long established business objective to provide the best color tools and workflows for our mutual customers. We are pleased to offer a variety of PANTONE libraries that can be downloaded for your Fiery® server today. No matter what design software you use, loading the latest libraries on the Fiery server ensures spot color output is accurate and consistent for all users.

  • 2014 PANTONE PLUS V2 Libraries (Coated and Uncoated) – The PANTONE PLUS V2 libraries include all original PANTONE PLUS colors, PANTONE 336 New colors from 2013, and 84 additional colors.
  • PANTONE PLUS Extended Gamut Library (Coated) – The PANTONE PLUS Extended Gamut library simulates the PANTONE PLUS FORMULA GUIDE with a seven color process (CMYKOVG). This library enables the Fiery server to match the PANTONE PLUS V2 appearance values using the available colorants for the print system the Fiery server is used with.

To accurately reproduce documents that were designed using libraries no longer supported by Pantone, you can download the following legacy libraries to your Fiery server. We do not recommend creating new documents with these colors.

  • PANTONE Formula Guide (2nd Edition) libraries – Includes coated, matte and uncoated legacy PANTONE Solid libraries for reprinting jobs originally produced using the legacy libraries.
  • PANTONE GOE Library

For any questions about how your Fiery server supports the latest PANTONE color libraries, contact your Fiery supplier. You can also join us at the Fiery Color and Imaging Forum and ask the experts. 

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