Fiery Dashboard

Fiery Dashboard
Business intelligence on your production efficiency
Fiery® Dashboard will no longer operate as of February 28, 2017. Please see this announcement for all end-of-life details. Sign up for our new and improved service, Fiery Navigator, to gain full visibility into your print production for higher profitability and efficiency.

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Supported engines
  • All engines driven by Fiery® System 8 Release 2, System 8e Release 2 and later.

Number of devices per location
  • Number of devices per location: Unlimited number of Fiery Driven™ engines.

Supported Web browsers
  • Microsoft® Windows®: Mozilla® Firefox®, Google Chrome™, and Internet Explorer® 10 and up.
  • Mac® OS X®: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari®.

Fiery Dashboard installation and authorization
  • Fiery Dashboard 2.0 requires Fiery Command WorkStation® 5.6 or above. See Fiery Command WorkStation technical specifications for more information.
  • To start using Fiery Dashboard, you will need to create an EFI Passport account and authorize Fiery Command WorkStation client to gather and send data for analysis to Fiery Dashboard.