Kodak Prinergy Workflow Integration

Fiery Integration with Prinergy
Serve your customers better by leveraging your existing workflow investments

A hybrid workflow system can help you bridge the gap between digital and conventional printing to satisfy customer needs.

Getting Started

Kodak Prinergy Workflow Integration with EFI Fiery Digital Print Server requires Kodak Prinergy Digital Workflow and EFI JDFExpress Tickets utility software. 

Contact Kodak to get started. EFI JDFExpress Tickets is available for download at no charge. 
Serve your customers better by leveraging your workflow investment: Kodak Prinergy wofkflow integration with Fiery digital front ends
Case Studies
Priority Press achieves higher throughput with Fiery DFE integration to KODAK PRINERGY.
Fiery DFE with a Kodak Prinergy® Workflow creates a single, hybrid workflow for offset and digital printing for PointOne Graphics.
Driving hybrid print workflow: the key to future profitability.


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