Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition

Preview. Troubleshoot. Correct.

Delivering outstanding, high-quality prints every time is critical to your business success.

Fiery® Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition provides expert tools right on the Fiery server for soft proofing, color correction, file troubleshooting and more. 

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Learn how to use advanced Fiery graphic arts tools to quickly troubleshoot and fix common print issues right at the DFE, eliminating rework and the need to go back to prepress.
Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition provides an integrated toolset to identify and correct print production problems before they result in rejected jobs and wasted clicks.
This quiz has the right questions to identify how much your print operation can benefit from having Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition and gives you a good insight on the features and functionality that help overcome prepress challenges.
Case Studies
Use of Fiery workflow leads to streamlined and automated layout with consistent, high color quality.
Use of Fiery advanced workflow enables high volume production: 4 million prints in a 2-month period.
Fiery Samples/How-to Guides
Control Bar Builder has a WYSIWYG interface, which displays different color bars and job information. Each custom control bar can be used across all media sizes, reducing setup time and simplifying the operator’s job.
Submit and merge JPEG files from the same folder and automate job settings like imposition to create a photo booklet in a few clicks.
Preflight, PostFlight and ImageViewer are features included in the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition. Preflight evaluates print jobs for potential printing errors. PostFlight is diagnostic tool that provides global and object-specific information about how files are color managed at the Fiery server. ImageViewer is a powerful interface for softproofing and applying last minute colors edits to jobs.
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