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 PODi  View the PODi Product Briefing on Fiery JobFlow

Use the step-by-step tutorials with print samples posted below as a resource to get hands-on practice with Fiery JobFlow Base and Fiery JobFlow.

Don’t touch what you can automate. Learn how Fiery JobFlow can help you boost profit by increasing automation.
4 ways to see if Fiery JobFlow can save your business time.
Case Studies
Read how Fiery JobFlow helped EDC, the largest European CD manufacturer, save time and money by automating their print process for inlay cards and booklets, and enabled them to print short-run jobs at much lower cost.
What's New
Find out more about the new features included in Fiery JobFlow v2.1.
Find out more about the new features included in Fiery JobFlow v2.2.
Find out more about the new features included in Fiery JobFlow v2.2.2.
Fiery Samples/How-to Guides
Learn how to configure notifications within a workflow to trigger emails based on an action and how to set up users as notification recipients.
Learn how to use Enfocus Smart Variables in the workflow to preflight and correct PDF files.
Learn how to set up and configure different input, archive and output locations, such as shared folders, FTP sites, Dropbox accounts, in Fiery JobFlow.
Learn how to back up and restore Fiery JobFlow.
Learn how to configure a workflow with Fiery Preflight to inspect and troubleshoot the file for missing or corrupted assets.
Learn how to set up a rules-based workflow that preflights multiple jobs looking for certain criteria and routes them to other workflows based on their type.
Learn how to automate imposition in the workflow by using Impose templates that are already created and available.
Learn how to eliminate repetitive setup tasks by creating a workflow that uses Fiery presets.
Learn how to integrate the approval process as part of the workflow. Automatically send a soft proof for review and approval to both internal and external users.
Other Resources
This table shows side-by-side comparison of the features included in Fiery JobFlow Base and Fiery JobFlow.
Tier 1 Software Maintenance and Support Agreement for Fiery JobFlow. This document contains all localized versions of the content.
Installation/Setup Guides
This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Fiery JobFlow.


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