EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Printer

Seize the opportunity. Grab the rewards.

Expand your offering, your customer base and your bottom line with fast-turn, high-margin, wide-format printing. With large format LED technology, you'll profit from lower running costs and the ability to print on high-value, specialty rigid and flexible substrates.

Brochure for Prospective EFI Partners
Genuine EFI Inks are custom-formulated to ensure you get the highest color quality, durability, performance, reliability consistency and predictable running costs.
Optimize your EFI printer’s performance and capabilities.
A list of compatible substrates/media for the EFI H1625 LED wide-format hybrid printer
EFI has the technology to help you expand your print service offerings and meet requests for fast turns on high quality digital prints.
EFI has the technology to help you take control of costs by expanding your print service offerings and meeting requests for fast turns on high-quality wide-format digital prints.
A comprehensive line of response-based ESP agreements for our full line of VUTEk, Matan, Quantum, and QuantumFlex superwide-format printers.
EFI is dedicated to partnering with government print operations to help them be as efficient and innovative as possible with next-generation print capabilities.
EFI is dedicated to partnering with university print operations to help them be as efficient and innovative as possible with next-generation print capabilities.
EFI wide format applications, substrates, inks, and markets.
ESP from EFI is a full service, comprehensive program designed to fuel the success of your business by providing response based service.
A comprehensive response-based ESP agreement and peace-of-mind maintenance options for our H Series wide format printers.
A greener path to a more profitable future.
Case Studies
Capital Wraps wins outdoor graphics business it never thought it could reach with EFI H1625 LED printer.
Sir Speedy Raleigh expands services and improves time to market with EFI Wide Format printers.
When long-established off set printing company Crescent Press made the move to digital, the company was determined to maintain its reputation for excellence.
Evolution Graphique was the first company in France to install an EFI H1625 LED printer.
Moon Shadow Glass sees double-sided success with EFI LED inkjet technology.
UV Wide-Format Printing: How quality, turnaround time and versatility create uniquely profitable opportunities.
Acquiring a new digital inkjet printer is a significant investment that must be closely examined. Learn how to analyze the real costs, the ways it will impact your ROI and, ultimately, drive profitability.
This guide will help you navigate through the complex world of wide-format printing to select the most appropriate solution for your business needs.
InfoTrends examines market trends and opportunities in wide-format printing, describe the benefits of UV curable and latex ink technologies, and provides two successful case studies of end-users that have implemented these technologies.
The Case for LED Curing.
How the EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro redefines performance and TCO.
Release Notes
Texas AlphaGraphics facility captures rigid-substrate growth opportunity with EFI H1625 LED printer.
Fastsigns, KC Success with EFI H1625 LED Printer
Printing Tips and Tricks
The Print Control Utility is a new feature on EFI™ Wide Format H Series printers, and allows users to pre-rip and store files for future use.
How to set up and use the EFI H1625 LED Print Control Utility.


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