EFI Jetrion 4950LX

More opportunities with higher image quality, speed and LED

The Jetrion® 4950LX LED digital label production system applies the power and flexibility of digital across the entire label production process—increasing your efficiency and giving you the lowest cost per label.

EFI Jetrion 4950LX

The EFI™ Jetrion® 4950LX LED printer represents a new level of digital label production systems with higher image quality, finer text and a wider color gamut. Expand your capabilities and take on more primary label applications and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labels. Its LED technology gives you a competitive edge by letting you print on heat-sensitive and specialty substrates. Best of all, the Jetrion 4950LX does all of this while delivering the lowest cost per label.

Higher resolution, higher speed and LED increase your capabilities

  • Add unmatched capabilities—720 X 720 dpi resolution; crisp, two-point text; increased Pantone matching; ink flexibility and substrate versatility provide more market opportunities and a competitive edge
  • Eliminate overproduction—no lead time needed to produce jobs
  • Cut costs—Plates, dies, changeovers, make-ready labor and substrate waste are eliminated for both printing and finishing
  • Add accessories and features as they are released, increasing job types, substrates, and most of all, capabilities
  • Save with UV inkjet ink and eliminate costly click charges and the need for over and under laminates