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EFI DirectSmile Cross Media
Powerful Cross Media Marketing and Personalization Software Solutions
DirectSmile Cross Media allows printers, agencies and corporations to create, personalize and automate marketing across all media, while providing a fully integrated marketing software solution for data-driven print, PURL, email, SMS, social media, mobile media and image personalization. View Image Gallery


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Cross Media Marketing  
Cross Media Marketing and eCommerce for Print  

DirectSmile Cross Media allows printers, agencies and corporates to create, personalize and automate marketing across all media. It doesn't require any HTML programming skills, and it runs with your existing CRM system. Thanks to an unmatched degree of integration and automation you will build campaigns and applications faster and more cost-effective. Whether it’s the simple design, the convenient management of data and processes, or comprehensive response tracking - everything is part of one solution that runs simply in your browser.

  • Websites and personal URLs
  • Mobile sites, QR codes and SMS
  • VDP documents
  • Personalized direct mail and emails
  • Interactive customer surveys
  • Marketing apps and Facebook apps

  • Manage print as easy as emails
  • Synchronize campaigns with your CRM
  • Boost response with personalized images
  • Send automatic reminders
  • Trigger follow-up activities
  • Track and analyze all results

  • Single portal to offer Cross Media services
  • Reduction of touch points
  • Easy and secure campaign customisation
  • Faster campaign turnaround
  • Regional execution using localised messaging

Easy business

  • Premium price opportunity
  • Secure digital print volume
  • Higher margins through DIY campaigns
  • Improved ROI for short-run jobs
  • Measurable return on marketing investment

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EFI DirectSmile Cross Media receives recognition as a market leader offering the best web-to-print and cross media marketing solutions. See below for some of our awards showcasing DirectSmile Cross Media's recent successes and accomplishments:

EFI DirectSmile 2011 Awards

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