EFI DirectSmile VDP

EFI DirectSmile VDP
Software for smart VDP and image personalization
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DirectSmile VDP Studio is your Adobe InDesign-based entry-level desktop solution that combines variable data printing and image personalization in one tool.

  • Build your print documents by using Adobe InDesign
  • Link any layout element or InDesign layer to your database
  • Rule editor enables simple creation of business logic for text, design and image personalization
  • Supports and creates barcodes and QR codes
  • Imposition tool for optimized sheet utilization
  • Output formats: PDF, PPML and JLYT

  • Use the built-in Design Editor to create custom designs for image personalization
  • Supports Clip Fonts, Picture Fonts and System Fonts
  • Automated database-driven generation of images and documents
  • Seamless integration of personalized images in your InDesign layouts
  • Scalable solution that can be easily upgraded to growing performance needs

Using DirectSmile Integration Server you will take VDP and image personalization to the web. This scalable high-performance server backend for document and image generation drives many of the leading web-to-print portals.

  • Limitless performance thanks to scalable server concept
  • Multiple load-balanced server to carry traffic peaks
  • Priority queues for real-time jobs
  • Image and document cache

  • Output PDF, PDF/VT-1, JPEG, PNG, TIFF

  • Collect orders and merge it into one or more print jobs
  • Supports complex rules for assigning of jobs to a workflow
  • Manual or scheduled production
  • Orders can be reprinted and monitored at each step

  • Web Frontend to manage, sort, display and test image sets, documents, products
  • Product catalog including automatically created photo-realistic product images, virtual products, product groups

  • Multiple users, accounts and repositories
  • SSL secured frontend
  • URL sealing for controlled access to HTTP APIs

  • SOAP, HTTP and REST web services to render personalized documents and images, submit jobs into the production workflow and manage the catalog

  • Server monitor to manage and monitor rendering instances
  • Account and server-based statistics for documents and image sets

EFI DirectSmile VDP helps you grow your business by providing a complete VDP toolset that will enable you to increase sales and provides the integration to eCommerce solutions to increase productivity and reduce labor costs through automation. The following tools add additional integrated value to DirectSmile:

Do you want to use variable data documents in multi-touch campaigns? DirectSmile Cross Media comes with its own easy-to-use browser-based VDP tool. You will seamlessly connect your printed pieces with websites, e-mails, mobile or social media and create and manage all media with just one solution.
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