Fiery Professional Certification

Fiery Professional Certification
The Fiery® Professional Certification teaches print professionals the necessary skills to optimize the performance of EFI technology solutions. Developed by EFI subject-matter experts, it provides the latest information on Fiery technology to develop employee skills, enhance professional development and transform print businesses.

  • Price: $250.
  • Complete 15 Fiery® Professional online courses (approximately 12+ hours).
  • Pass an online certification exam with a score of 80% or higher. Exam is accessible only after all courses have been completed. Two exam attempts are included.
  • Coursework must be completed and a passing grade obtained on the exam within 90 days of enrollment. Schedule your learning activities accordingly to allow enough time to complete the program.
  • Certification is valid for 2 years. Recertification is free.
  • The courses and the exam are entirely web-based, which gives students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and makes them accessible at any time, anywhere.

  • A custom Fiery® Certified Professional certificate you can view and print
  • A letter of recognition from EFI for your records
  • A Fiery Certified Professional digital logo to include on your email and business cards
  • Two-year access to all Fiery Professional online courses and learning resources from the date of enrollment
  • Fiery Forums members will have their title updated by EFI to appear as a Fiery Certified Professional
  • Receive Fiery Tips & Tricks newsletter
FCP-900 Fiery Professional Certification Examination*
  • 100-question exam
  • 90 minutes to complete
  • 2 attempts
    *Accessible only after all 15 Fiery Professional online courses have been fully completed.
FIERY-100 Configuring Fiery servers
In this course, you will learn the initial and optimal setup and configuration for a Fiery® server. Topics covered are:
  • Access procedures
  • Default settings
  • Customization methods to support your own unique environment
NOTE: We recommend a fundamental knowledge of networking and network security
FIERY-110 Print connections and utilities
In this course you will learn about common issues when connecting to a print controller. Topics covered are: 
  • Setting up Windows® and Macintosh® clients
  • Managing print connections with the Fiery® Print Driver
  • How to install Fiery Client Utilities
  • Using the Fiery Clone Tool
  • Fiery Backup and Restore feature
FIERY-200 Command WorkStation
Fiery® Command WorkStation® is the single most important tool in managing your Fiery Driven™ printer. Topics covered are:
  • How to connect to Fiery servers
  • Essential Fiery operational and task-management duties
  • Command WorkStation Job Center and Device Center
  • Job Properties and settings
FIERY-210 Fiery tools for job management
In this course, you will learn how to use Fiery® Command WorkStation® with the Fiery server to minimize common print job management issues. Topics covered are:
  • Common job management problems
  • Troubleshooting job issues
  • Using job properties and job management tools to resolve issues and eliminate bottlenecks
FIERY-220 Creating automated workflows
In this course, you will learn how to eliminate the most common digital print workflow problems using Fiery® job automation tools. Topics covered are:
  • Job automation fundamentals
  • Using server and driver Fiery Job Presets
  • How to create and use Fiery Virtual Printers
  • How to set up and use Fiery Hot Folders
FIERY-300 Optimizing color and consistency
This course reviews many common issues found in digital color printing and shows practical ways to solve them when using your Fiery® server. Topics covered are:
  • Environmental conditions and effect on color
  • Print engine and linearization considerations
  • Fiery calibration
  • Maintaining a balanced and optimized printing environment
FIERY-310 Color workflow and setup
In this course, you will learn about some of the common problems in digital color printing that create the need for good color management tools. Topics covered are:
  • Basic color terminology
  • How Fiery® color defaults work and how to access them
  • How to get the best color using custom Fiery color workflow settings
FIERY-320 Creating spot colors
In this course, you will see how Microsoft® Office and Adobe® applications generate custom color values and how to optimize them with your Fiery server. Topics covered are:
  • Fiery Spot-On™
  • Fiery Substitute Color
  • Optimizing corporate colors in Microsoft Office
  • Creating custom/named colors in Adobe applications
  • Verifying spot/named/corporate colors
FIERY-330 Spot color accuracy
In this course, you will learn how Fiery® Spot-On™ optimizes spot colors when using the Fiery server. Topics covered are:
  • How Fiery servers print standard spot colors
  • How to manage the printing of custom-named spot colors
  • Sharing Spot-On libraries between multiple Fiery servers
  • Exporting named Spot-On libraries to design applications
FIERY-340 Color profiling
In this course, you will learn how to Improve the color accuracy and consistency in your digital printing environment by using color profiling. Topics covered are:
  • Understanding the importance of stabilizing digital printer output
  • Creating profiles with Fiery® Color Profiler Suite
  • Verifying custom output profiles
  • Creating monitor profiles to soft proof color output
FIERY-400 Booklet-making and imposition
In this course, we will introduce document imposition terminology and common imposition issues, plus Fiery® imposition solutions. Topics covered are:
  • Producing booklets and postcards
  • Imposition tips and tricks
  • Fiery imposition solutions using Fiery driver, Fiery VUE and Fiery Impose
FIERY-410 Digital media workflows
In this course, you will learn how to use and optimize media with your Fiery® server. Topics covered are:
  • Using Fiery Paper Catalog with:
    • Mixed media
    • Fiery Compose
    • Fiery Hot Folders
    • Fiery Virtual Printers
    • JDF workflows
  • Using Paper Catalog to optimize color management
FIERY-420 Document composition
In this course, you will learn how to assemble and print complex documents in a digital production environment by combining multiple jobs, assigning multiple media stocks to the document, inserting tabs and defining chapter starts. Topics covered are:
  • The basics of document composition
  • How to use Fiery® Compose to assemble and print complex documents
FIERY-500 Understanding variable data printing
In this course, you will learn about the different levels of variable data printing (VDP). Topics covered are:
  • The terminology most commonly used for VDP
  • Fiery® open VDP solutions
  • Fiery FreeForm™, the simple VDP functionality built into every Fiery server
  • How to benefit by integrating variable data solutions into your Fiery printing workflow
FIERY-510 Variable data printing with Fiery FreeForm
In this course, you will learn about variable data terminology. Topics covered are:
  • Creating a VDP document with Fiery® FreeForm®™
  • Creating a FreeForm master document
  • Creating VDP documents with Microsoft® Publisher® and other applications
  • Printing Fiery FreeForm VDP documents

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