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Images provided by EFI
Images provided by EFI

Featured EFI VUTEk Superwide Printers

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EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro small   EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro
Perfect your POP business with higher production throughput, greater capacity and shorter lead times.
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  White Ink: Yes
Max. Print Width: 
126 in (3.2 m)
True 600 or 1000 dpi
Max. Speed: 
3,400 ft² (318 m²) per hour
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Featured EFI Productivity Software

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EFI Digital StoreFront   EFI™ MarketDirect StoreFront®
Build stunning customized eCommerce  B2B and B2C sites quickly and sell your products and solutions online 24/7
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