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EFI Vutek H5   EFI VUTEk h5
For today’s forward thinking, high-volume sign and display graphics printers who want to lead, not follow, the EFI™ VUTEk® h series platform is the future of digital printing.
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  White Ink: Yes
Max. Print Width
3.2 m
Up to 1200 dpi and 7 pL greyscale print capability
Max. Speed:
Up to 109 boards per hour
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3r+   EFI VUTEk 3r+
We’ve gone to the extreme to enhance the platform features that offer the highest image quality at the highest rated throughput speeds along with the highest range of options.
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  White Ink: Optional
Max. Print Width: 
350 cm
Up to 1200 dpi
Max. Speed: 
406 m²/hr
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