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Important information about installing Fiery Drivers, Command WorkStation, and Color Profiler Suite for Mac OS

Due to EFI's Mac developer certificate expiring on March 30, 2017, any Fiery Drivers, Color Profiler Suite, or Command WorkStation installed on a new Mac OS system after this date will experience issues. Fiery Drivers, Color Profiler Suite, and Command WorkStation already installed on Mac OS systems are not affected.

For Fiery Drivers, EFI has provided a patch to address this issue, available in the Download Center. Installation instructions for Mac OS Fiery Drivers with this patch can be found in the Release Notes

For Fiery Extended Applications, which includes Command WorkStation, EFI has provided updated software that resolves the issue: v4.4.0.810 Mac OS 10.7 - 10.12 available in the Download Center including Release Notes.

For Fiery Color Profiler Suite, an updated version of the software with a valid certificate is available from the EFI Download Center in Application Software & Tools\Fiery Color Profiler Suite.

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