macOS Big Sur compatibility

The Apple M1 processor (ARM) is not supported at the moment, unless noted below.
Fiery Software Compatibility and Version Comments and Notes
Fiery Command WorkStation Package
  - Fiery Command WorkStation
  - Fiery Impose, Compose, JobMaster
  - Fiery Hot Folders
Version 6.5
Version 6.6  
Fiery Driver Fiery Driver 6.5

macOS versions supported:
- macOS 11 Big Sur
- macOS 10.15.x Catalina
- macOS 10.14.x Mojave
Driver support for Apple M1 processor (ARM) via Rosetta.

Fiery FreeForm Create 1.1 and 1.2  
Fiery Color Profiler Suite 5.3.3  
Fiery XF Universal Driver  
Fiery proServer and Fiery XF    

  - Fiery XF Server

7.2.1 PC only server, so no impact for macOS 11

  - Fiery Color Profiler Suite


  - Fiery Command WorkStation

Version 6.5  
Version 6.6  
Acrobat 2017 Enfocus PitStop 2019 kit Compatible  
PrintMe Compatible Includes PrintMe Mac driver, PrintMe Web Release, and website 
EFI IQ Compatible  

- ColorGuard

Compatible Including ColorGuard Desktop and

- Dashboard, Insight, Manage, Notify

Compatible EFI Cloud Connector
Self-Serve AdminCentral Compatible  
Fiery JobFlow