Matan Optional Printer Features

A rich collection of value-added options turns the EFI Superwide Roll-to-roll Printers into all-in-one, multi-purpose printers.

A rich collection of add-ons turns the Matan and Quantum super-wide format hybrid UV printers into all-in-one multi-purpose printers. Add versatility to your printer, widen your options and propel your business with the Matan added value optional accessories.
Optional Accessories

Inline Finishing for Print & Cut Workflow

A revolutionary patented workflow that enables printing, cutting and trimming on-the-fly in a single process.

  • Printing, trimming and sheeting are completed on-the-fly in a single process 
  • Replaces expensive additional cutting equipment
  • Saves valuable time at the finishing station and prevents finishing errors
  • Includes easily adjustable slitters and roll-to-sheet cutter
  • Optional sheet collector kit for easy and orderly arrangement of printed cut sheets

Sheet Collector Kit

  • Efficiently and neatly collects the printed cut sheets.
  • Collects sheeted prints as they are produced
  • Allows for easy and orderly arrangement of printed cut sheets

Vacuum Plate for Printing on Sheets

  • The innovative Vacuum Plate turns the Matan and Quantum into true flatbed printers, without compromises, capable of printing on rigid media and thin media sheets
  • Widens your media and applications options 
  • Enables printing on pre-cut sheets of thin media up to 11 mm 
  • Allows printing on challenging and exotic substrates, such as corrugated cardboard, Coroplast, styrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene and more
  • Available in a selection of industry-standard sizes:
1.52 m x 1.01m  
1.21 m x 2.43 m
1.52 m x 3.05 m
2.00 m x 3.00 m 

  • Vacuum Plate kit includes: supporting arms, movable vacuum plate and quick-connection kit

Fully Automatic Blockout Printing

  • Blockout printing for double-sided hanging signs and banners is automated by this innovative system, which combines hardware and software, to achieve excellent registration between sides.
  • Fully automatic simple and easy system
  • Results in faultless registration between sides
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator expertise level
  • Includes a set of optical sensors and dedicated software for a streamlined workflow

Fully Automatic Backlit Printing

  • Challenging double-sided backlit applications become simple and easy with this patented software algorithm and smart camera-guided system.
  • Camera-guided software algorithm can detect any misalignment between the two sides and automatically corrects registration in x, y and tilt axes 
  • Automatically prints double-sided jobs with perfect alignment between both sides
  • Simple and easy fully automatic system
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator’s skill level

ID Backprint

  • A printing device that prints file information on the rear of the media, facilitating the identification of the finished job for packing, shipping and installation.
  • Printed data includes:
    • File ID
    • Printing date and time
    • Print mode
    • Copy number and more
  • Saves time during installation of printed job
  • Eliminates the need for manual labelling
  • Helps prevent shipping errors

Wrinkle Analyser

  • No more lost jobs due to faulty media. The Wrinkle Analyser identifies the wrinkle in the media before the print head reaches it and raises the carriage just enough to avoid ruining the job and continues printing without interruption.
  • Identifies wrinkles caused by media manufacturing and adjusts the carriage height accordingly
  • Prevents ruined jobs and enables use of low-cost media
  • Protects print heads

Jumbo-Roll Handling System

  • Fully integrated system for working with large media rolls of up to 750k 
  • Includes Jumbo Feeder and Jumbo Collector, each equipped with dancer and external motor
  • Enables the printer to handle heavy media
  • Saves money on external devices
  • Enables continuous, unattended work, without stopping to change rolls
  • Reduces media stock
  • Increases overall printer utilisation

iPhone Application

The iPhone app enables printshop production managers to keep track of their printer’s production status even when away from the actual production site.

  • Allows tracking of the production status of Matan and Quantum printers via IOS devices, anywhere, anytime
  • Displays the job queue for each job: File preview, Size, Media, Printing mode, Estimated duration
  • Current job status, including: Print speed, Ink consumption, Estimated time to completion
  • Issues alerts regarding ink levels and UV lamps
  • Displays printing history