Avoid Shipping and Installation Errors with the EFI Matan ID Backprint

How many times does it happen that your sign installer calls you from a customer’s site complaining he has the wrong signs for that location, just because the job was labelled incorrectly?  How much time and money could have been saved if each job was automatically labelled during the printing process and such errors did not occur?

EFI™ Matan now has a brilliant solution!

Matan ID Backprint


Jobs are labelled manually

                                   Matan ID Backprint


Labels are automatically printed inline,
during the printing of the job.

Let’s say you have just received an urgent order to print a huge job for a major retail chain. It includes a number of different signs of various sizes for 20 of the chain’s shops. After printing and cutting, the signs needs to be shipped to the various shops, where they are to be installed, each sign at its correct location.

Normally, a label for each copy is printed in the margin, identifying the job, who the client is, and where it needs to be shipped and installed. For large signs, there will also be a tile number, to instruct the installer how to install the sign at its destination. However, when the printed job goes to the finishing station the label is usually cut off and someone needs to manually attach these details onto the back of the sign, so that it can be identified at the next stages. This manual work takes time and manpower, is prone to mistakes and is overall inefficient. Only too often do installers arrive at the point of purchase to find that they have the wrong sign or tiles for that particular location because of labeling errors. This causes loss of time, the need to reprint and sometimes even the loss of a campaign.

When we at EFI Matan launched our best-selling Inline-Finishing system, we realized that we had to find a solution that would also allow the printer to work unattended, printing, trimming and cutting the jobs, without the need for a dedicated person to stand there and manually label the output, as it come off the printer, while ensuring that the output is still identifiable, to prevent packing, shipping and installation errors.

The solution our R&D came up with is the ID Backprint. This neat feature consists of a discrete printing device that prints all the pertinent file and job information on the back side of the media at the same time as the actual image is being printed on the front side, so that when the margins are trimmed and the image is cut by means of the EFI Matan Inline-Finishing system, the job can still be identified.

Matan ID Backprint

ID Backprint Device

Now each job is clearly marked on the back side with information such as the file ID, date and time of printing, the print mode, name of the client, shipping and tiling info. No more searching for lost jobs or trying to piece together what belongs where.