EFI ColorGuard

EFI ColorGuard
Produce consistent, accurate colour all day, every day 
Streamline the colour verification process by notifying the production team to perform scheduled verifications and alerting them to act if verification fails. Gain insights into your colour quality across Fiery DrivenTM print systems anytime, anywhere from a web browser

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The scheduling capability brings order to production quality chaos by standardizing the colour verification process

  • Eliminates ambiguity and guesswork about colour verification tasks by making the the process of measuring colour quality a standard operating procedure across print manufacturing operations
  • Increases operating efficiency and customer satisfaction with higher colour print quality


Automated notifications about colour verification status keeps the production manager and press operators focused on colour quality.

  • Reduces press downtime and lowers the total cost of ownership by regularising colour verification and device calibration
  • Reduce job reprints to increase customer satisfaction and eliminate waste


Colour Compliance
Seamless integration between Fiery® servers and EFI ColorGuard makes it easy for print production managers to follow colour verification process and generate colour compliance report.

  • Improves visibility of colour quality by connecting production teams and colour verification processes in real time through EFI cloud technology
  • Enhances responsiveness of print production teams to achieve the best colour quality by providing real-time access to colour verification data

ColorGuard analytics  

Powerful analytics and trend tracking helps print managers increase operating efficiency and improve colour-quality performance over time.

  • Get real-time visibility into the colour verification results and trends anytime, anywhere
  • Use colour compliance reports to position yourself as quality-driven print service provider