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Editable standard tolerance sets — November 2022 release
Adjust the values of Fogra PSD and G7 target tolerance sets.



Latest verification standards support — April 2022 release
Verify against the latest industry color standards.

  • Support for the Validation Print (ISO 12647-8:2021) wedge and chart target tolerance sets
  • Support for the 2022 target tolerance sets and verification presets of Fogra PSD



Pool-based licensing — July 2021 release
Addition of flexible licensing of print devices.

  • Administer licence use from within ColorGuard's License Manager 
  • Move a license from an old to a new device with no need to contact support services



Benchmark Verification — June 2021 release
Verify against a device's optimal condition as opposed to against an industry standard.

  • A benchmark alternative where verification against an industry standard is not relevant
  • Ideal for achieving consistency within a printer's gamut and quality limits



G7 Colorspace verification — March 2021 release
Addition of the G7 Colorspace Press and G7 Colorspace Proof tolerance sets.

  • Expands the EFI ColorGuard capabilities to cover all G7 verification scenarios  



G7 verification with SCCA — March 2021 release
Addition of SCCA (Substrate Corrected Color Aim)-based verification for G7 Targeted and G7 Colorspace tolerance sets. 

  • Enables G7 verification on regular non-proofing papers
  • A more practical and easy way to reach a pass result


ColorGuard analytics  

Custom color references and patch sets — March 2021 release
Support of custom CMYK color references and patch sets.

  • Provides the flexibility to add patch sets from third-party color management software
  • Allows verification against in-house patch sets for specific verification needs

ColorGuard analytics  

Parallel automatic verification with inline measurement instruments — March 2021 release
Simultaneous verification of multiple printers with inline measurement instruments.

  • Faster verification when more than one printer requires verification at the same time