EFI Insight For cutsheet printer users

Run a more profitable print business
Turn your production data into actionable analytics and use them to boost ROI, increase productivity, and make data-driven decisions. EFITM InsightTM is a free cloud application that allows you to monitor production performance from all your Fiery DrivenTM cutsheet devices.

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Insight Trend

Monitor production trends to identify inefficiencies in your workflow or pinpoint issues that are affecting productivity and profitability.

  • Analyse the cause of idle time and take steps to improve device utilisation
  • Make better, faster decisions by knowing what is happening in real time
  • Improve workload balance and capacity planning

Insight Compare

Compare data from printers at the same or different locations.

  • Share best practises within your organisation to increase performance
  • Drill down into production-blocking events and share information with your operators so they can act to improve response times

Insight Job Log

Job Log

  • Export production metrics for further analysis
  • Download the data to eliminate manual data entry