EFI IQ For cutsheet printers

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Unlock the value of your production data by connecting your printers to EFI IQ. Use the EFI IQ suite of applications to make data-driven decisions so you can improve ROI, minimise cost, maximise profit, and boost revenue. 

The IQ suite of cloud applications helps you optimise production and quality processes. Now you can use free and paid applications to capture production data, spot issues, and take decisive action to improve your production results.

IQ Dashboard    IQ Dashboard (Free)
Take a quick overview of today's key production metrics and the current state of your printers

EFI Insight    EFI Insight (Free)
Use historical trends to improve future performance and compare performance between devices to increase shop floor productivity

EFI ColorGuard    EFI ColorGuard (Paid)
Streamline your colour verification tasks and track colour quality to achieve consistent, accurate colour quality

EFI Manage    EFI Manage (Paid)
Manage your printers by syncing resources, checking compliance, and monitoring device status