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Unlock the value of your production data by connecting your printers to EFI IQ. Use the EFI IQ suite of applications to make data-driven decisions so you can improve ROI, minimise cost, maximise profit, and boost revenue. 

The IQ suite of applications lets you connect your people, processes, and print devices, so you can make better data-driven decisions. Use these free and paid applications to:

  • Visualise key production data and the current status of your printers in near real time from IQ Dashboard
  • Capture and transform print production data into actionable analytics to drive business improvement with EFI Insight
  • Streamline the colour verification process and gain insights into your colour quality across Fiery DrivenTM print systems to produce accurate, consistent colour with EFI ColorGuard
  • Receive alerts about production-blocking events, and automate distribution of production reports to ensure that you never miss any production issue with Notify

Build a stronger, more profitable business with your production data using EFI IQ applications.

See how you can make smarter decisions from production analytics.


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