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IQ Insight™ lets you monitor production analytics over time so you can act to drive higher production performance.

Use historical trends to improve future performance, analyze ink cost for better pricing decisions and compare performance between devices and shifts to increase shop floor productivity. With IQ Insight, you can:

  • Monitor printer utilization to understand how print operations run daily so you can better allocate resources when you need to
  • Track ink and substrate usage per job, plus analyze total costs over time so you can make better pricing decisions
  • Dive into trend analytics to view job by source information from different shifts or devices so you can identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Compare print device performance between shifts and printers, identify production bottlenecks, and uncover areas where your staff may need additional training
  • Export Job Log data to manage inventory, analyze performance and costs

Build a stronger, more profitable business through data monetization with IQ Insight

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