How to create tab-separated documents

Simplify preparation of complex documents such as reports, proposals, directories, manuals, and catalogs

Tab Separated Documents

1.    Basic tab insertion

Fiery® Compose simplifies printing of booklets and manuals by providing media assignment, tab printing, chapterization and multiple finishing options; plus a visual and interactive user interface.

2.    Advanced tab insertion

Fiery JobMaster is an advanced PDF-based job-preparation solution that helps operators be more productive by effectively handling complex document preparation tasks such as tab insertion, scanning, chapterization, page numbering, and late-stage editing.


3.    Spot colors

Complex manuals and documents often include logos and brand colors defined with spot colors such as PANTONE®. Fiery servers support PANTONE and other color systems to match a desired spot color on a given printer.

4.    Accurate color

Fiery servers correctly render and produce accurate colors for documents that contain a mix of spot colors, multiple color spaces, transparencies and overprints.

5.    Image touch-ups and corrections

Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor is an interactive tool that adjusts images in a job individually, without opening and editing the file in the originating application.  Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, color balance and sharpness; and make red-eye corrections on any image.

6.    Troubleshooting files

Use advanced Fiery tools to identify and correct file issues before printing such as missing fonts, spot colors, low-resolution images, mixed source colors, hairlines below threshold, overprints, artifacts, transparencies and PostScript errors. Fiery ImageViewer provides a pixel level preview of a raster file to pinpoint source of problem (file, engine or job processing), and also enables last-minute color adjustments.