Fiery Office Solutions
How Fiery products relate to the 6 Cs of colour management:

Explore the range of Fiery® Driven™ printers from market-leading companies in the print manufacturing industry.
Fiery Color Profiler Suite and Fiery digital front ends both take advantage of Fiery Calibrator — a comprehensive calibration tool that integrates fully with printer-specific calibration procedures.
Fiery Color Profiler Suite's comprehensive set of tools are fully integrated into Fiery digital front ends to provide the best ease of use and optimal colour quality for every stage of the printing workflow.
Fieryservers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert colour management tools, to deliver high-quality images with accurate, consistent colour.
EFI™ ColorGuard™ lets you schedule verifications and recalibrations to keep your colour in check, plus gain insights into your colour quality across Fiery Driven print systems anytime, anywhere from a web browser.
Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 Conformance Certification for Fiery® Driven™ print systems is not only a way to achieve PDF/X-4 standard compliance, it's also a very valuable marketing tool to show customers that they are in save hands when it comes to their printed products.