Fiery servers for RICOH IM C6010 Series C3010/C3510/C4510/C5510/C6010 MFP

Fiery Color Controller E-26C is available for the RICOH mid-range IM C series MFPs (C3010 / C3510 / C4510 / C5510 / C6010). It is an embedded digital front end (DFE) based on the Fiery FS500 platform. Fiery Color Controller E-26C benefits from built-in profiles created using our latest colour profiling technology, Fiery Edge™. Plus, Fiery Color Controller E-26C includes Fiery TrueBrand, which allows anyone to print accurate brand colours from Microsoft Office applications. 

  • RICOH IM C3010/C3510/C4510/C6010

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