Fiery Servers for Xerox iGen 5 Press

EFI offers a Fiery server for the Xerox iGen 5 Press, based on the Fiery FS300 Pro platform. The EX-P 5 Print Server offers a number of features to boost productivity, colour, and image quality. 
  • Fiery CMYK+ technology allows the use of orange, green, or blue dry inks as a 5th colour to extend the gamut and match more brand colors
  • The choice of white or clear dry inks as a specialty color to enhance design elements
  • Two HyperRIP modes (page parallel and job parallel) optimise job processing speed to help achieve uninterrupted production and higher profits
  • Certified by Adobe® to satisfy Mercury RIP Architecture standards, ensuring maximum efficiency in resource utilisation

The right DFE for your operation

Get the most from your Fiery server by taking advantage of all the How-To tutorial guides, documentation and other helpful material in the Resources tab.