Installing Fiery API

Install or upgrade the Fiery API component of your Fiery server through Fiery Integration Manager.

Requirement for installing Fiery API

  • Fiery API is compatible with Fiery software systems:
    • Fiery FS150/FS150 Pro
    • Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro
    • Fiery FS300/FS300 Pro
    • Fiery FS350/FS350 Pro

  • A Windows® client workstation that runs Fiery Integration Manager

How to install

Step 1: Install Fiery Integration Manager
From a Windows® client workstation with Fiery Software Manager installed,

Download Fiery Software Manager 

  1. Open Fiery Software Manager from the Fiery folder in the Windows Start menu and go to "Preferences"
  2. Check "Show additional features"
  3. Go back to the home screen of the Fiery Software Manager
  4. Find "Fiery Integration Package" and click "Download"
  5. After the download is finished, click "Install"

Step 2: Install Fiery API
  1. Open Fiery Integration Manager from the Windows Start menu
  2. Open Fiery Integration Manager and connect to your Fiery server with your credentials
  3. Once connected, click "Install" or "Upgrade" to install the latest Fiery API. The options won't appear if your Fiery API is up-to-date. 

Learn more about how to install or upgrade your Fiery API from our Upgrading/Installing the Fiery JDF/API using Fiery Integration Manager  documentation.