Fiery Navigator

Actionable data for proactive control
Gain full visibility into your print operation with insightful data to understand production trends, standardize operating procedures, and maximize equipment usage for higher profitability and efficiency.

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Fiery Navigator Dashboard          
View and evaluate production data to improve workload balance, identify production trends, and quickly address operational inefficiencies.

  • Analyze trends over time. View production data for a single Fiery Driven™ device or aggregated data for multiple devices. Customize your dashboard by selecting what data you want to display, and how you want to see it.
  • Track usage and compare productivity. Display the production statistics you want to see in a table for a side-by-side comparison of individual printers or printer groups.

Fiery Navigator Sync    Sync
Leverage existing settings and ensure consistent output by sharing common configurations.

  • Create configuration sync packages that include color profiles, presets, virtual printers, and paper catalogs; and store them in the cloud.
  • Deploy sync packages to same-model devices to standardize their configuration and maintain them in optimal condition. Or use a sync package to restore a single device to its previous state.

Fiery Navigator Manage    Manage
Define and create device groups for better production visibility, and easier performance comparison and  analysis.

  • Inspect the configuration and status of each device. Activate and deactivate tracked devices. View installed software applications, connected finishers, calibration status, and more.
  • Group devices based on specific criteria such as color, black and white, model type, and more.

Fiery Navigator Alert   Alert
Respond to events as they happen to prevent production slowdowns.

  • Set and manage the frequency of email notifications for critical device status alerts.
  • Get daily, weekly or monthly reports on key aggregated data points such as a breakdown of jobs printed, total sheets printed, top job submission method, paper jams by media type, or other metrics.