PaperCut Integration

PaperCut integration with Fiery servers
PaperCut Integration

PaperCut integration with EFI Fiery® digital print servers helps you easily manage your office and print room. 
Using a Fiery server in a digital print press environment provides enhanced image and colour quality along with productivity benefits. Managing production print with PaperCut MF or NG allows Fiery customers to allocate cost with Fiery tracking and reporting. Administrators can now limit unnecessary printing and encourage positive user behavior to enable Fiery cost recovery.

Unlike most printers, devices fitted with Fiery servers or controllers have the ability to hold and reprint jobs and manage the print job settings after PaperCut has analysed the job on the print server.

Enable PaperCut support with Fiery servers

PaperCut integration with Fiery digital print servers requires Fiery server configuration. View more information in the Resources tab. Find out more information on tracking jobs here, and more PaperCut product information here