Fiery NX digital front ends

Fiery NX Premium, NX Pro, NX One servers
The new Fiery® NX servers drive cutsheet print engines, and offer a new industrial design — precisely crafted with the Fiery operator in mind.

See which Fiery servers are available for your engine and learn how to choose the best one for your business.

The NX servers include the Fiery QuickTouch software on the touchscreen display, which gives faster views of job status information and access to server management. See the virtual tours below.

With just a tap, the touchscreen display gives operators easy access to intuitive system installation, backup and restore functionality, plus system diagnostics.

This new QuickTouch software interface is an extensible platform that enables additional features and functionality to be added in new versions of Fiery NX servers over time.

720x480 resolution

 Fiery QuickTouch: Job Status virtual tour  Fiery QuickTouch: Fiery System Restore virtual tour  Fiery QuickTouch: Print Test page virtual tour
Fiery QuickTouch: Job status Fiery QuickTouch: Fiery System Restore Fiery QuickTouch: Print
test page and job log