Fiery Servers for Xerox iGen 5 Press

EFI offers a Fiery server for the Xerox iGen 5 Press sold by Fuji Xerox, based on the Fiery FS200 Pro platform. The EX-P 5 Print Server offers a number of features to boost productivity, colour, and image quality. 
  • Fiery CMYK+ technology allows the use of orange, green, or blue dry inks as a 5th colour to extend the gamut and match more brand colors
  • Two HyperRIP modes (page parallel and job parallel) optimise job processing speed to help achieve uninterrupted production and higher profits
  • Certified by Adobe® to satisfy Mercury RIP Architecture standards, ensuring maximum efficiency in resource utilisation

The right DFE for your operation

Forwarding jobs from a Xerox FreeFlow Print Server to this Fiery server is supported. Get more information here.


Get the most from your Fiery server by taking advantage of all the How-To tutorial guides, documentation and other helpful material in the Resources tab.