Fiery Central

Centralise output management of your printer fleet

Fiery® Central integrates multiple Fiery Driven™ digital printers, and other select printers, into an unified print production system that uses common prepress tools and communicates with business management systems.

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Fiery® Central combines printer resources with access to the wealth of Fiery Workflow Suite applications for prepress tasks. The built-in Fiery JDF technology also allows integration to business management systems.

By using a common, intuitive visual user interface — the award-winning Fiery Command WorkStation® — Fiery Central becomes an ultimate production workflow integration hub.

  • Produce work faster and more cost-effectively — Combine print resources and control up to 12 printers for efficient production. Centralised output management improves digital print production capacity, turnaround, and productivity.

  • Adapt to complex customer needs — Fiery Central provides easy access to the Fiery Workflow Suite, a comprehensive set of advanced products that streamline and automate print processes for a new level of productivity from job submission to output. By adding these modular products when you need them, you can increase automation, adapt to changing customer needs, and grow with new higher-profit, value-added services such as book printing and document assembly. 

  • Grow by seamlessly integrating leading business management systems — Fiery Central uses certified, industry-standard job definition format (JDF) integration to cut costs by enabling end-to-end business workflow automation from ordering to production. It also helps you be more competitive by offering new products and services.