Fiery Color and Imaging

Fiery Color Management Workflow Diagram
Consistent, accurate colour and exceptional image quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert colour management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent colour customers want.

View the Fiery Colour and Imaging workflow 

View the Fiery Command WorkStation 6 Color Settings Best Practices PDF and Video

Fiery spot colour management

 spot color swatch

From corporate branding to high-level colour matching in commercial print settings, it’s essential to print consistent, predictable spot colours right the first time, every time. EFI offers two methods for managing spot colours on a Fiery digital front end (DFE): Fiery Spot-On™ and Fiery Spot Pro.  

Fiery Spot-On: standard spot colour management capabilities

  • Standard on all external Fiery servers
  • Standard on many embedded Fiery servers, others may require an optional package to enable
Key features include:
  • Create custom spot colours

  • Edit spot colours

  • Capture spot colours with a spectrophotometer

  • Create substitute colours

  • Print swatch book

Fiery Spot Pro: advanced spot colour management for production environmentsFiery Spot Pro icon

Requires one of the following software packages to enable:

Fiery Spot Pro includes all functionality from Spot-On, plus the following features:

  • Export/import spot colour libraries in Adobe® Swatch Exchange (.ase) or Color Exchange Format (.cxf)
  • Use a spot colour alias to simplify spot colour management
  • Create custom swatch books
  • Edit spot colours in multiple device spaces, including L*a*b
  • Create custom spot colour recipes that include specialty colors (supported engines only)
  • View gamut warnings across an entire spot colour library
  • Customize Delta E tolerance and standard to meet your production needs

View a full comparison between Spot-On and Spot Pro here

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