Fiery Color and Imaging

Fiery Color Management Workflow Diagram
Consistent, accurate colour and exceptional image quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert colour management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent colour customers want.

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Fiery color management

Fiery® colour management tools give you maximum control over colour quality. ICC-based colour management technology is integrated in every Fiery server and works directly with advanced controls in Fiery Command WorkStation®. Fiery Color Profiler Suite is integrated with the Fiery server to create best-in-class ICC output profiles for each substrate in a few simple steps.

Color Icon Excellent out-of-the-box colour

Fiery servers deliver professional colour quality right out of the box. Easy-to-use tools ensure the accuracy and consistency every printing business requires. The latest Fiery digital front ends benefit from EFI's next-generation colour profiling technology Fiery Edge™ which further enhances out-of-the-box results.

Dependable colour accuracy EFI Pantone Color Bridge
  • Achieve the best match for logo and brand colours
  • Shorten turnaround times by printing on multiple print engines capable of producing the same output
  • Reduce job rejections with reliable reproduction of complex, graphically-rich content files
  • Produce colour to a specified standard at all times

All the tools you need to get your colour right – Fiery Color Profiler SuiteCPS4 Color Drops

Fiery Color Profiler Suite offers a comprehensive set of market-leading colour management tools that provide integrated colour quality control at every stage of the printing workflow. Creating custom profiles using this technology ensures colour reproduction is always accurate, consistent and reliable. It is the only profiling toolset on the market to integrate directly with both toner and inkjet Fiery servers. This seamless integration enables even a novice user to succeed at profiling a printer and paper combination, and then verifying the precision of colour matching in just a few quick steps. It is also tightly integrated with Fiery Command WorkStation features such as Calibrator, Spot-On™ and Fiery ImageViewer. For users of the latest Fiery digital front ends, Fiery Edge profiling technology offers further user controls with Color Profiler Suite to enhance output such as boosting colour saturation, and advanced black controls.

EFI offers a selection of spectrophotometers to precisely measure colour with Fiery Color Profiler Suite in order to match industry colour standards such as ISO, FOGRA and GRACoL (G7).

Fiery servers give you the highest level of performance and image quality, even on complex jobs with gradients, transparencies or overprints — even in VDP elements. The controls in Fiery Command WorkStation Job Properties provide complete access to all Fiery imaging features to ensure jobs print as the print buyer expects.

Image Quality example fonts, jaggies, overprints Exceptional image quality
  • Automatic correction of potential mis-registration
  • Smooth low-resolution images
  • Sharpen and smooth black text and line art and minimize jaggies
  • Eliminate “stair stepping” gradient shades in vector images
  • Reproduce overprinted elements correctly

Easy image adjustments with Fiery Image Enhance Visual EditorImage Enhance example image
  • On-the-fly correction for individual images without modifying design files
  • Manual controls also allow visual adjustment for:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Highlights
    • Shadows
    • Colour balance and skin tones
    • Sharpness
    • Red-eye