Fiery ColorRight Package

Get your colour right.
With the Fiery ColorRight Package for Fiery FS400 and newer embedded servers, you can be confident that the colour and images in your output will print correctly every time. You can easily correct colour and images without going back to the designer.

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The Fiery ColorRight Package is available for Fiery embedded servers running FS400 or newer software. Find out more.

New features with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.7

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CWS 6.6 new feature

Improve spot color accuracy with Fiery Spot Pro — watch the video
Ensure brand color accuracy with more efficient ways to optimize, view, and edit your spot colors.


CWS 6.6 new feature

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Work more productively in Fiery ImageViewer with new controls for simple page-level edits like reordering, duplicating, or deleting pages.