New features in Fiery FreeForm Create 1.1

FF Create 1.1 - preserve field mapping 

Preserve variable data field mapping - watch the video (English only)
Change your data source or master document in a saved file without losing any existing variable data mapping. This is great for recurring variable data jobs where data source contents may change regularly and allows you to create FreeForm Create “templates.”

FF Create 1.1 - spot colors 

Spot colour support - watch the video (English only)
Use pre-populated spot colour libraries from Pantone, Toyo, HKS, or DIC. Or simply upload your own custom spot colours by importing .ase (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files. Specialty colours like clear or metallic toners can also be used as spot colours (requires supported Fiery Driven print engine).

FF Create 1.1 - collapse empty fields 

Collapse blank fields - watch the video (English only)
FreeForm Create will collapse empty fields found in the data source, such as a secondary address field. This produces a better aesthetic appearance of stacked variable text elements.

FF Create 1.1 - adjust line height 

Adjust paragraph line height - watch the video (English only)
You can manually adjust the space between lines in stacked variable text boxes, for more control over the appearance of variable text.

FF Create 1.1 - fields used 

Visual variable field indicator - watch the video (English only)
Get an at-a-glance view of the variable fields used on each page of your document.